Overview of TOUCH THE WORLD project





Touch the World is a non-profit project in training-education and community development. There is a Vietnamese saying “Hien tai la nguyen khi cua quoc gia” (human resource is critical), in other words, if people are properly equipped with knowledge of modern world, they will become the fundamental motivation of Socio-economic development. Therefore, education must develop faster than economic development. Education and training take vital roles for all nations.

TTW project focuses on teaching foreign languages, especially English, which is known as global language.

In the new era, English has been an international language used for exchanging and collaborating between countries all over the world. Globalization has been taking place, and more specifically it has taken part in the significant growth of Information Technology. Globalization makes the world become more flat, and as the world becomes flatter, the more important studying English is.


However, the fees for English courses, especially courses lectured by foreign people at English centers are high (form 3-20 million VND/course). This hides university students, whose families’ economic conditions are not good, from studying English. These underprivileged students count for a significant proportion of university students.

After considering requirements of the new age and the general situation of students, we set up “Touch the world” project.




The main objective of the project is to remove language barrier, improve knowledge and advance the intellectuality of Vietnamese youth.

Specific objectives:

  • Improve English ability of students to ensure a good knowledgeable life in the near future
  • Improve English ability for respected groups in society, toward a society that more equitable and civilized.





To achieve those goals, Executive Board of TTW designed “Grey matter flows down” model in the form of a pyramid to spread knowledge. The model includes two tiers (layers)


Tier 1: TTW will provide free English Courses with foreign people to students.

Why do we choose student? 

Students are the skilled labor force and the engine of economic growth of the near future.  English is necessary to perform these roles and to cooperate with foreign partners. Students also need English to cope with study programs and they have the desire to learn and improve English.

Furthermore, students are active and enthusiastic; they are willing to take part in voluntary projects to contribute local community and to improve quality of life.

Why is it free of charge?

Usually, English classes taught by foreigners are too expensive (at least three million VND/course) for most of the university students in Vietnam due to their economic situation. Touch the World project gives them the opportunity to learn English without having to worry about any financial issues.

Although all the courses are free, the quality of teaching and management is our priority. TTW organizes entrance tests and classifies students according to their level of English. TTW also set strict rules. Participants can attend their courses if and only if the follow these rules

Why are all lecturers foreigners?      

Direct interactions with foreign teachers will help the students gain fluency skills, self-expression abilities, confidence and general communicative competencies. Our students can learn various accents as well as understand other cultures in the classrooms with the foreign teachers. Not only will the students benefit from this, but teachers will get a chance to learn about the culture from the students.

What does TTW aim for at Tier 1?

TTW aims to have our students and volunteers teach next generations about TTW. They will cultivate and spread our values, put gained knowledge into practice to educate society, particularly its vulnerable and unprivileged members (e.g. orphans, disabled people, women, children from remote areas). We dream about democratic society with equal rights and opportunities. TTW has been created to contribute and support it.


Tier 2: TTW provide free English courses for people who have less privilege than others in society (orphan, disabled peoples, women, poor children, children in remote areas…)

  • Why do TTW want to help those people?

TTW wants to reach people who receive fewer privileges in their society and those who are in need of care. When society is in development, those people need to receive equal amounts of treatment from the community. They should be respected and educated, not only to take care of themselves, but to also be able to contribute to the development of society as well.

  • Why TTW teach English for those people?

When the world becoming more flat, knowledge and the globalization of information requires people to modernize themselves. They need know global trends and broaden their perspectives to understand the possible opportunities or issues. English is an essential instrument to access to human civilization.

Foreign lectures and core students in Tier 1 will tutor in this stage.

  • What is our hope in Tier 2?

TTW wants to create a society of equality, where people have access to education for free. Everyone can approach the average level of knowledge. TTW also aims toward people who are in need of care from society. In TTW, knowledge is spread out like a funnel, from people to the whole society.