Application procedure

All steps in application


Who are eligible?

  • We do not have any limit of age, gender and country. In our project, we have volunteers from many country all over the world. It is a good chance for cross-culture exchange for volunteers and our students.
  • We do not require teaching experience. As long as volunteers love teaching and try their best to overcome all challenges.
  • We also do not require volunteering experience or English certificate. If volunteers have certificate, that is the advantage. If not, you still can go with us.

When can you apply?

  • We open for all year round, volunteers can apply your available time.
  • You’d better to apply 3 months before your applying time (the time you can come with us). The sooner you apply, the more time you have to prepare. In case you have less time before your applying time, you should emphasis in your application.

How long can you stay?

  • Minimum stay is 4 weeks.
  • You can stay for long time, we do not limit it. If you can stay long, it is your advantage in application.

How many volunteers will be chosen?

  • We often choose the 4 best volunteers in a month. That is the reason why you should make it clear when you can come and how long you can stay with us.
  • You do not need to worry about gender, we have 2 separate bedrooms for male and female.

What should you show in the application process?

  • You should show your ability and your hope to do volunteering.
  • You should understand our project, goals, students and our process.
  • You should be ready to overcome all difficulties.

How long can you know the result?

  • You will receive our reply within 3 days after applying. We will start Round 1 by asking you some questions to further understand about you.
  • If you can show up your hope and readiness to do volunteering, we will ask you to send us your resume.
  • If you are chosen to the interview, you should be ready to be asked about your understanding about our project, teaching methods, your English ability and your readiness.
  • If you pass Round 3, you will received an offer email within 10 business days. In case you do not receive any email, you should email us to ask because sometimes email goes to junk/spam box.
  • When you receive an offer, you need to confirm and send us the acknowledgement of understanding all information. Then you start searching for flight ticket, visa and travel insurance. We can support you in visa applying, flight ticket booking and travel insurance (more detail)




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