Ben from Singapore


Name: Ben

Nationality: Singapore

Date: 2016

Program: Teacher Gen 7, 8 

The review

Time passed by very fast…. I feel like I was there for a short time but I have been teaching 4 months at Touch The World. I remember I first arrived on the evening of 19 August, it was my first time in Hanoi and also for the first time travelled to Vietnam. I won’t forget that day when my buddies picked me up, I was welcomed by a heavy rainstorm at the Noi Bai Airport and reached there with my whole body soaked in wet.


In the beginning, I started out by teaching 4 Pronunciation (A62, A61, A53 & A63) and 1 Communication Classes (B63) in a scheduled timetable. It was probably one of best and worse experiences for me. As I didn’t have much experiences to teach English to the 5 classes of students, I made a few mistakes and that was the time I realised I must improve myself more & be better as a teacher in order to teach the other classes later onwards(B67, A71, A72, B71, B73, B77, HUA81, B81, A81, B82, B76 and B85).


In one of the lessons (most memorable) on Debate Topic, one of my classes did raised an argument on ‘Can Money Bring (Buy) You Happiness’ and one of student shared, “You can be happy anywhere but it all depends on you. Happiness has to be depending on how you look at it!” On that night I realised that many people nowadays are missing the clear-minded thinking. Happiness mean you can be happy even with the littlest and simplest things in life. Just like the happiness that I felt volunteering in a developing city like Hanoi is pure and heart-warming while sharing or imparting the knowledge and experiences with the students at TTW, but they have brought me so much joy that money cannot buy.


Back in Dec 2014, I have already decided to take part in volunteering in year 2016 to re-ignite my passion in doing voluntary works while helping others to improve their quality of life. For the past many years of working/living in a fast paced and the most expensive country, Singapore. I had been preoccupied with many things like pay-days, paying bills, doing business, go shopping, catching movies on every week and etc. At the end of the day, I wasn’t really happy at all for many years. So I reached a point in May 2016, where I could not even find any sense of fulfilment at all in what I was doing & I decided to leave my country & try to find out what’s the true definition of happiness.


I spent 3 months volunteering in 3 other South East Asian Countries (Thailand, Myanmar & Laos), before I spent 4 months in Vietnam. 4 months have passed and I didn’t regret my longest time being here. Sadly, I have to say goodbye to all my students on my last day in Hanoi but I am glad that I am able to meet so many of them and able to make a different in their life. My stay in Hanoi had been a really heart warming journey and it wouldn’t have been possible without everyone from Touch The World Programme.


In Touch The World, every member are very friendly and nice. My buddies always made sure that I have everything that I need and they will find time to hang out with me, whenever they are free. Thanks a lot for Touch The World for the wonderful 4 months teaching English experience and opportunity to fulfil one of my life missions or goals to change others in my life for Asia.






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