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When volunteers pass our application procedure, it is the time to prepare for your trip. Here is the checklist for you.

✅ Understand Touch the World

✅ Have all information about Vietnam

✅ Book ticket as soon as possible

✅ Send us your flight information for airport pick up

✅ Apply a business visa covering all your time

✅ Check weather to arrange for your clothes

✅ Ask about travel vaccinations

✅ Buy travel insurance

✅ Search modern teaching methods

✅ Bring some souvenirs show your country culture

✅ Take mosquito repellents

✅ Note our address and hotline

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✌ No fee, budget saving

✌ Foods and accomodation provided

✌ Consult for visa, flight and insurance

✌ Airport pick up

✌ Safety

✌ 24/7 in-country supervision

✌ Outdoor activities

✌ Pre-departure personal support

✌ In-country orientation and training

✌ Many volunteering activities

✌ Cross-culture exchange

✌ Family-like environment

✌ Community driven projects

✌ Tutors and buddy systems

✌ Convenient location

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