Cách viết mail liên hệ với Giáo sư

Cách viết mail liên hệ với Giáo sư (Học bổng MEXT bậc Sau ĐH)

Nhiều bạn cũng hỏi mình khi liên hệ với giáo sư thì nên nói gì, nói như thế nào. Cách viết mail mỗi người mỗi khác nhưng nội dung email đầu tiên của bạn cho giáo sư cần bao gồm các phần sau:

1/ Mở đầu: tại sao lại gửi mail?
2/ Giới thiệu bản thân
3/ Xin giáo sư nhận làm advisor cho mình

Bạn tham khảo email của mình bên dưới nhé:

Dear Sir/Madam/Professor A.,

I am {first name}, a Vietnamese student. I am writing to apply for a post in your program {name, if any} at XYZ university as a graduate student.

At the moment, I am working as {self post} at {company name}. When I was an undergraduate student at ABC university, my major was {field name}. In {year}, with my graduation thesis on {thesis name/field}, I graduated with excellent score. My GPA was X/Y. Linguistically, my TOEFL score is {900}. Please have a look at my attached {CV/undergraduate grade certificate…} for more details. Should you need more information about my background, please feel free to let me know.

In order to fulfill my desire to study more about {field}, I have tried to find schools offering suitable programs. During my research, I came across your research theme on {professor’s research theme name} and found myself with great interest in it. I would be very grateful if you accept me as your student.

Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,
{Full name}

By Gakutomo 

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