Francisco from Mexico



Name: Francisco Garcia Bulle Bueno

Nationality: Mexico

Date: 2016

Program: Teacher Gen 8 

The review

I wanted to volunteer and teach English. Mainly to know people from Vietnam, learn teaching skills and visit Vietnam. I was keen for immersing myself in the Vietnamese culture and I thought that TTW was going to help me out with that.


About my work: I think the project´s aim is great. To help improve the student´s skills in English so they can achieve better opportunities when looking for a job or even to travel. I felt good about my work. My students told me they got better with their English so that made me proud, to know that my teaching help the students to feel more comfortable when speaking in English. Teaching the disabled students was very nice too, even though they were learning beginners English they were very good students and I could tell that they were making a big effort to learn it, at the same time we had a lot of fun playing the games. I did the porridge cooking once and I thought it was very nice, again, this was the first time I did something like this so the experience was something very new for me.


About the project: The TTW project is . the people involved are very hard working people and I like the support that the volunteers and the tutors give to the students. The tutor system is really good since the students feel more comfortable having someone that speaks their language and can translate in the case of necessary. The buddy system was very useful, I made good friends with my buddy and he showed me parts of Hanoi that I would have never known of unless I was with a local so I was really grateful for that. Everyone in the project was always really friendly and they actually made me feel like at home so I really appreciate that and I want to thank the whole people from the project for that.


About Vietnam,


Vietnam is an amazing country. I love the food and all of the people that I have known are very friendly. Hanoi is a great city, very big and chaotic. I think it has a big problem with pollution but apart from that I enjoyed every moment there and the food places were very good.



I would say to make more advertising so you can get more volunteer teachers. I think the project is very nice so people should get the chance to look for it on the internet, maybe all of the people involved could share the project summary and main aim.



Just thanking the project staff for being so friendly and helpful all the time.






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