Hend from Egypt


Name: Hend

Nationality: Egypt

Date: 2017

Program: Teacher Gen 10

The review of our amazing teacher

As a Middle-Easterner,  from that region in the world that’s literally boiling up, the tendency to fly abroad is usually in favor of Europe or other “holiday/touristic attractions”, just to relax and chill out.

I haven’t really planned my first destination, of a first long vacation abroad in nine years, to be Vietnam, or even Asian. Nevertheless, I choose volunteering abroad over traveling as a tourist.
I’m thankful for every single thought that pushed me to applying for this project, and kept me determined to the very last moment before boarding. The cosmopolitan city of Hanoi, the warm hospital country sides, and the super hectic HCMC, exceeded my expectations.
Beside the fact that Touch the World project is a really promising one, the staff represent an example of leadership and management skills. They are keen to hear the volunteers feedback on a weekly basis and try their best to solve any issues or address any concerns. Cooperative directors, talented tutors, and good facilities, are on the top of the reasons to keep this organization up, running, and successful.
In one month, I’ve dealt with all the possible types of classes, that TTW passionately serve in their English education. Toddlers to kids, high school to university students, individuals with special needs, and even elders. Every experience had its own taste, and I’m deeply grateful for getting close to each of these groups, and I’d love to give my time and effort again in this place.
Hend (Egypt)

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