Mara from Italy



Name: Mara

Nationality: Italy

Date: April 2016

Program: Teacher Gen 4 

The review

This project has a very special place in my heart. It is a very young project, many things are still being figured out and being worked out. It has been an honor for me to give a valuable contribution to this amazing work!


What I love most is the quite modern understanding of an education project: Touch the World is more than just a place offering people to improve their English skills. Moreover it is a project that fosters communication and collaboration skills. Touch the World’s lessons are also about cultural exchange, about learning about other cultures, about appreciating and being open-minded about different habits and values.

The classes are small. This means that you create a very strong, personal bond with each of your students. During the communication classes I taught, I enjoyed most the not “stereotypical style of teaching”. Instead of giving the “right answers”, communication classes are about asking many questions to get the students confident with speaking the language. It is incredible and the most rewarding thing ever to see your students improve and gain more confidence lesson by lesson.


Touch the World is a special project because of all the incredible people that work there. These people put so much passion and dedication into their work for this project. Through many challenges and difficulties, it has been a tremendous pleasure for me to have worked with all of them.


It has been very, very hard for me to leave. I hope that our paths will cross again in the future

Mara Garavini Seisselberg






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