Marco from Italy



Name: Marco

Nationality: Italy

Date: April to June 2016

Program: Teacher Gen 3 and Gen 4

The review

I don’t regret any single moment I spent in this organization.
Honestly, this project is not perfect, quite new, there are many problems and still a lot to do, but….but…I loved it so bad.
Maybe it’s me. If I had to choose to join a perfect project, with a super well organized situation, without a single trouble during my experience, AND on the other side I have a growing project that needs much more than my english and that involves me deeply in the associations…then I would always choose the second option.
No way.
Facing problems together, discussing and trying to solve them have been activities that made me feel closer to the people, to the volunteers, to the managment, to the tutors and to the students.
This is a life enriching experience.
Once you finish it, you will probably feel a big hole in your heart because everything is very involving and you create real contacts with the locals.
It’s not for everybody.
But it is really really really worth.
Marco Soppelsa






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