Marissa Dimaano from Philippine

REVIEW OF Marissa Dimaano

Name: Marissa Dimaano

Nationality: Philippine

Date: 2017

Program: Teacher Gen 10

The review of our amazing teacher

We were never rich. Ever since I was young I could see how my parents worked hard just to provide for me and my siblings thus I made a promise to myself that once I finish my studies and get a good job, I will be the one to provide for them.

Years gone by so quickly and I’ve finished my bachelor’s degree in Elementary education, took the board exam and became a licensed teacher but I didn’t teach at all.

I started working in the BPO industry and became the breadwinner of my family. Being the breadwinner, I’m always after the money. For me, money is the most important thing you need to consider for a job.

I worked so hard so I can support my family financially. After six years of working in an online casino, I realized that I was no longer happy and I felt like something was missing. At the end of the day I felt no satisfaction at work. I was also having quarter life problems and questioning myself what I really want in life.

I’m 28 and still single while most of my classmates,relatives and friends are getting married and having kids.

My mother and almost all of my friends and relatives say I must get married as I am getting old.

Did I feel pressured? Yes of course! But I still believe that God’s timing is perfect and the right guy will come. I don’t wanna rush.

I quitted my job and was determined to pursue my teaching career. One day, my  friend Rod told me about Touch the world  and applied as a volunteer teacher.

It is such a nice feeling to be part of a family who touches each and every student’s life.

Teaching here is so much fun and students are very nice,friendly, helpful and polite. I remembered what my professor told me about teaching, “The power is within a TEACHER.” The power to influence the students, the power to mold their minds, the power to guide and support them and the power to see and believe in that potential you see in them.

It took me six years to realize I have that power within me. It took me six years to realize that happiness and fulfillment cannot be found in money. Seeing my students learn from me is more than enough to make me happy,satisfied and fulfilled.

Teaching here in Touch the World is one of the best moments in my life.

It really won’t matter if I am not married yet, what matters most is I’m happy and I love what I do.

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