Megan from USA


Name: Megan

Nationality: USA

Date: 2016

Program: Teacher Gen 6 

The review

It’s hard to believe how fast 7 weeks came and went, leaving me with a love of a country I never even imaged I would ever step foot in.  I was searching for an opportunity that would challenge me to step outside my comfort zone, and I found that with Touch the World.  My experience in Vietnam was the first time I had really traveled outside my own country by myself, and while the idea gave my mother nightmares, I decided to put my trust in the locals.  Luckily when I arrived, I found an immediate network of people willing to guide and support me: between my buddy, our wonderful house manager, my students, the tutors, and the other teachers, it felt like everyone had my back.


When I reflect back, I feel almost euphoric as I filter through the memories. However, as with any new experience, there were challenges as well.  During my first week of teaching, I was absolutely clueless as to how to be an effective teacher. Fortunately, the students were so understanding, and they welcomed me despite my clearly lacking abilities.  Over the course, I came to find that teaching encompasses more than just the material in our packets. Some days we ventured off the paper topics, practicing interview skills or putting on improvisational skits.  We spent time outside the classroom as well, taking mini “field trips” to explore the city or the surrounding country.  Outside the classroom, just as much learning took place as my students taught me about their country and their culture.


One thing I will never forget is how special and appreciated my students and tutors made me feel.  I was constantly thanked for my time there, and some students invited me to their hometowns.  Their genuine enthusiasm for being in the classroom was always touching, and I loved seeing them grow in confidence throughout our time together.


I feel grateful for the time I was able to spend in Vietnam and for the people who made that time so impactful.  Touch the World is a young and growing project, but I am confident that it will continue to improve as its volunteers are some of the most passionate I have met.





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