Monica from India


Name: Monica

Nationality: India

Date: 2017

Program: Teacher Gen 10

The review of our amazing teacher


As a kid I didn’t really know what I wanted to become when I would grow up but all I knew that I
didn’t want to be a teacher but as they say ‘Never say Never’ when I grew up and after my
graduation in business, I ended up becoming a teacher…lol But soon I realised that it’s surely one of
the noblest of all professions in the world. More so because a teacher plays a major role in shaping
up a student’s life in many ways. I fell in love with my students and of course this profession.
However owing to circumstances I switched to Corporate career for long time. Over the years I
missed the warmth and the personal touch that teaching offers. After a long speculation and intrigue
I left my job in Feb’18 and was looking for good opportunity to serve. Yes I love to travel and serve
others. I applied in many places and ended up here at ‘Touch The World’. I truly believe there is
nothing random in life and everything is God’s way of teaching the valuable lesson to us and so we
can grow as an individual. Honestly I was bit apprehensive about my decision but all doubts and
apprehension melt away when I stepped in TTW. I was so impressed with the wonderful
management of this beautiful organization. From founder to managers, from tutors to buddies,
every aspect of TTW is well managed. I was given ample freedom to plan my lessons my way, the
only ask they had that students learn what was intended to teach them in a particular lesson. The
curriculum was pretty helpful in order to help students brush up their English skills. It’s so difficult
for me to name of my one favourite part of TTW tenure because I absolutely loved everything. I was
so blessed to have been provided most friendly buddies who were always there to make me feel
home. The tutors were knowledgeable and supportive that made teaching even more fun not to
mention about my lovely students. What a bright bunch of young men and women with shine of
character and zeal to learn ! It was an absolute pleasure to be able to help them learn English. I
never had a boring moment with them and vice versa  I simply loved the concept of outdoor
lessons that gives an informal platform for the teacher and the students to connect at a personal
level and make communication much more easier and fun. I can never forget how special they made
me feel by organizing a surprise birthday party for me. Other than the regular teaching schedule,
they had provision of Family meal once in a month where all the TTW staff get together and cook
and eat. What a fun ! I also so much appreciated porridge making activity to help the local hospital
patients. Such a noble cause ! Talking about lodging at TTW, was no less fun. I got to meet volunteer
teachers from different countries and got to learn about their culture and other things. Living with
other locals in the same apartment helped me get a close feel of the Vietnamese life style which was
a privilege. Now talking beyond TTW, Vietnam is an absolute traveler’s paradise. I had the
opportunity to travel to Halong bay (one of the world’s 7 th natural wonders), Ninh Binh, Bac Ninh and
Hung Yen provinces, all lovely and beautiful places. Being a vegetarian, it was such a relief that Hanoi
did have many vegetarian options. The Vietnamese sweet soup ‘Che’ became one of my fav dessert
of all times. I was also able to visit many historical attraction of the city which was great. Despite of
heavy traffic and pollution, what makes this place so special is its lovely people who are just friendly
and welcoming. Now when I look back when I was travelling to Hanoi literally knowing no one, TTW
helped me find a second home here which I love so much. I would strongly recommend it to anyone
who wants to brush up their teaching skills, enjoy the beauty of this awesome place and make
friends for life. Thank you TTW. I hope to see you soon

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