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Introduction/Giới thiệu:
MOYO is an initiative space of spreading youths opportunities to millions people across the globe.
Task/Nhiệm vụ:
– To share the youth opportunities to everybody in every corner of the world.
– To assists young people to finding the conferences, programs, events, and other opportunities that suit their passions.
– To support youth have more skills and knowledge to apply opportunities.
– Provide Opportunities For All: Information can be of different types; scholarship, conference, training, competition and all sorts of other opportunities. Many of the qualified people miss opportunities due to ignorance and late notification. So the timely diffusion of information has become very important too. MOYO is obligated to timely propagation of information.- Social Movement: To help all organizations close together and bring the images of them spread to all youths.
– If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in My Your Opportunities, send us your curriculum and letter of motivation on– If you have personally succeeded or gained something via My Your Opportunities, please, share your experience with others and motive them to actively use this site for their own advantage.* SUPPORTERS
– If you are looking for a space to advertise yourself and your target group is youth, no matter if you are a university, organization or business company, My Your Opportunities is an ideal place to speak to young and active people from many countries.- If you are organizing a conference, offering a scholarship, awarding a grant etc, My your opportunities can help you spread your information, make campaign, organize info sessions and bring your offer to our public.We are interested in hearing from you if you share these interests and believe you can bring something to our “shared opportunities”.

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