Nicole from Indonesia



Name: Nicole

Nationality: Indonesia

Date: 2016

Program: Teacher Gen 6 

The review

I have never imagined that I would spend 5 weeks in a country that I never expect I would fall in love with. I can still remember the day I was randomly surfs the internet and look for any activities I could find to fill my semester break. I always wanted to do a volunteer work, and that took me on this website called and then I found TTW. Back in that time I was actually planning for a summer course program but thank God cause I made the right decision to do this volunteer in TTW because during that time I thought that, this kind of experience will not only change my life but also other’s.  it was my first experience of living abroad all by myself that really freaks my parents out and my mom decided to accompany me for the first week in Vietnam and decided to explore the country in 5 days we travelled to some tourist destinations, shopping at the night market , exploring the street food and yes we both fell in love with Vietnamese food and while I am writing this review right now I am thinking of bun cha. That was a super relaxing and fun week to adapt myself in the country.

The day when my mom had to go back to Indonesia was also the first day of my class, and during that time my mind was still caught up with my mom head back to Indonesia and I didn’t prepare anything for my class, yet I didn’t have any idea how to teach a class since I cannot speak Vietnamese and they don’t understand English. Thank God for the tutors that helped me on my very first day, they were really helpful that time and on every classes I had in Vietnam. Even though the tutors worked well, still my first week was a disaster, a few students complained of my teaching method which was too fast and it was just hard for me to teach in a way I never been taught, and also I had trouble in creating new ideas for games or teaching method to make the class more active. I was so afraid that I might just wasting their time when they were in my class, I was so afraid they would not like me or my teaching method. I was a bit depressed on the first week and yet it got better and better each day. After sometimes I could finally really get along with my student, tutors, roommates, and my buddy and that’s the time when everything turned fun. I felt like I have a new family, new best friends and I started to enjoy teaching and meeting my students, I started to enjoy watching over their progress in English, and I love to share stories that could motivate them to learn more.

Days gone by, the students and I were really get along that we spent a lot of time together even outside the class and have quality time together exploring Hanoi. Not only with the student but also with my roommates. I was living with Suong, Kieran, and Teisutis and they were like my brothers and sister and I enjoyed talking, sharing, and just spending time with them like hanging out to YOLO or somewhere else. I had to celebrate my birthday in Vietnam and there were soooo soooooo many surprises coming from my students, and tutors. I feel so loved by them and it made me hard to accept the fact that I only got 1 week left with them. The last week in Vietnam were mostly for farewell party with each classes that I have and yes I cried a lot during that period of time. I never imagined that the students would love me that much that they gave me farewell presents, sweet letters, and pictures, but the best thing they gave me is the sweet memories I had with them.

Again, I want to say I am SO GLAD that i made the decision to go to TTW, stepping out of my comfort zone, changing my life by changing other’s, and the fact that I know I will always have families and best friends back in Vietnam. I would love to come back to Vietnam then visit TTW and meet my lovely students. Thank you for the memories.









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