We are a  team of people who want to help vulnerable in our community in the long term. We believe that together we can do many things. We believe in volunteering with meaning.

By developing TOUCH THE WORLD, we want to help in education field, especially teaching English for people who want to learn but they can not afford the tuition fee.

This is our passion this is our goal and this is our team…





This is Mai, the founder.

Mai first came across the concept of volunteering project for vulnerable people when she studied in Japan.  She experienced the kindness of Japanese people and hoped to do something to help her community.

One day, a poor student asked Mai whether she could speak English well like other students from rich families in the city. Mai started thinking about a project that can help students in learning English for a long term. The ideal of creating a project to teach English for poor students, orphan and disabled people came with her and with the onset of Touch the World project. More meaningful, she help foreign volunteers get get directly involved with local communities through teaching English, instead of being just another backpacker. It is a win-win relationship while vulnerable people can learn English from foreigners, backpacker can join hand to help local community and experience volunteering tasks.

Now, Mai takes responsible for recruiting volunteers. She will consider between the need of volunteers and the number of applications. If volunteers are chosen by Mai, she will guide to do all procedure to come Vietnam.


This is Tuan, the co-founder.

Tuan is an associate professor in a well-known university in Vietnam. He often works with many volunteering NGO and hope that with his networks, he can link between the need to the supply. From the first stage of Touch the World, he helped to establish the relationship with authority and other NGO in volunteer field.

His responsibility in Touch the World is consulting legal procedures and creating networks with authority and partners. Volunteers may not meet him often because his task is not quite relevant with volunteers. He will be in the Touch the World house when we organise big events.




This is Vic, the director.

Vic has been a lecturer in one of the biggest university in Hanoi. Vic used to spend much time to learn English, therefore she really understand how difficult it is for Vietnamese people, especially the poor students. Vic always thinks that “giving is receiving”.  That is the reason why in numerous of charity activities, Vic chose teaching English for the poor students and disabled people.  “Giving” a chance and “receiving” a better community! In Touch The World project, Vic has found herself and got the meaningful experience.

When foreign volunteers arrive Vietnam, Vic will take care of your journey. Now, Vic takes responsible for:

  • Making the top managing decisions
  • Building and improving the Teaching Contents (for learners) and Teaching Guidance (for teachers)
  • Arranging the Teaching Timetable every week
  • Joining in the meetings with all groups, foreign teachers when necessary


This is Anna, the general manager.

Thu lives in the Touch the World house. She can help foreign volunteers in living and teaching. Thu is very friendly and useful because when foreign volunteers come Vietnam, they need a lot of help in settling down. Thu is there to support 24/7. Whenever volunteers have any question, Thu is the first one to ask.


This is Hieu, the manager.

Hieu takes responsible for expanding Touch the World project. He find the suitable location and open new brand. So far, Touch the World has two brands. Hieu also cares about fundraising for the project. He goes to different organisations to ask for help




Foreign volunteers come from many different countries. They are at different age but very warm-hearted and hardworking.

They have to pass many rounds of application process to show their ability and readiness to go volunteering.

Their main task is teaching English. Besides, they also join hands to distribute foods for patients in hospitals, cross-culture exchange events, and team building.

Volunteers live and work in the Touch the World house. They make friends with each other and local community. We highly appreciate their contribution to our project and community.








Tutors are local volunteers who are good at English. They will join classes and help teachers in teaching and connecting with students. They also need to take care of classes such as attendance checking, and homework assistance.

They are quite useful when teachers do not know Vietnamese and the English level of students are very basic. Tutors also organise outdoor activities for classes and help teacher to follow the studying process of students.




They are local volunteers who are good at IT and PR. Teachers hardly see them in the house because they are busy with many tasks involving PR and logistics. They take responsible for:

  • Designing/Writing news
  • Consulting students/E-learning system
  • Touch the World social media
  • Fundraising/Finding partners
  • Organising events






They are local volunteers who are good at English. Teachers will meet them quite often because their tasks are related to teachers. They take responsible for:

  • Airport pick up
  • Taking care of teachers, 1 teachers will be taken care of a buddy
  • Supporting children classes
  • Supporting disabled people classes
  • Volunteering activities


Logistics team is a group of local volunteers. They take responsible for:

  • recording volunteers’profile
  • linking groups
  • organising events
  • logistics