Rod from Philippine


Name: Rod

Nationality: Philippine

Date: 2017

Program: Teacher Gen 10

The review of our amazing teacher


Hello. My name is Rod from the Philippines. In the last few years, I have been thinking about the things I really want to do in life. However, I am not sure of what I really want. I feel like I am getting older, yet I still have no accomplishments.
In April this year, as I am checking some things on the Internet, I found Touch The World (TTW). The concept of volunteering is really dear to my heart and that made me more interested about TTW and be part of their amazing team. So with no hesitation I submitted my application and luckily got a positive feedback and have been invited to come over to Vietnam. Yes! I am going to Vietnam but I got a mix of emotions being a first timer to visit the country. I felt happy at the same time a little scared. But I took it as a challenge to step out of my comfort zone and just thought that it is a good way to try out new things.
Then May came and I finally arrived in Hanoi. Two buddies from TTW approached me at the airport with big smiles on their faces and brought me to the TTW Center where I met the rest of the team. It was such a breather seeing them in all their smiles as they welcomed me so warmly and on that very moment I felt in peace and told myself that I’m in good hands here in Vietnam.
So I finally settled and truly TTW provides a good accommodation to their people. The place is very cozy and the people are very warm and hospitable. It feels like home. I appreciate the fact that they make sure that everyone is comfortable during the entire stay and I can definitely say that I’ve got the best housemates. We support and help each other especially in doing household chores.
Days passed by and I truly love every part of my TTW experience. It’s a balanced of fun and learning experience. I had many unforgettable experiences. They are…
– Special bonding time with tutors and students.
It feels like every class is a special bonding moments because we are just having fun while learning. The tutors are really hands on and supportive all the way through from day one of my teaching. The students are so nice and friendly. I can see how eager they are to learn and always wanting to improve more. So, teaching English with these amazing people is really fun!
– Classes for kids and people with disabilities.
This experience is so overwhelming. I find it very challenging to teach kids and people with special needs. So seeing them learn and understand the lesson is already fulfilling. Thanks to my ever supportive and patient tutors. They really make sure that the students understand the lessons well.
–  Students and volunteers who picked me up with motorbike.
Kudos to the ever kind people who picked me up  whenever I have classes in other location and outdoor activities. I am so grateful to have these thoughtful people who are always being there and willing to give me a ride whenever I needed. I didn’t know that riding a motorbike is so much fun.
– Trying Vietnamese traditional food.
Everything that I have eaten thus far here in Hanoi has been wonderful. Every food is so refreshing to my palate from pho to banh cuon and many more. I love that there are always fresh herbs and green leaves available on the table. I am looking forward to try more traditional food.
– Visiting historical and touristic places.
My buddy took me to some historical places around Hanoi like Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum,  Old Quarter and Hoan Kiem Lake. These places are so lovely. They are pack with cultural heritage and lots of interesting things to see. I can’t wait to visit more other places.
– Porridge cooking for indigent patients in the hospital.
I have never tried cooking porridge in a huge pot before. It wasn’t that easy to prepare but we made it with love. It is nice to know that this labor of love can feed many hungry tummies in the hospital.
Overall, volunteering in TTW is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve people and by making some small, but significant difference in their lives.

Rod Sevilla <3

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