Sheila from Phillipine


Name: Sheila

Nationality: Phillipine

Date: 2016

Program: Teacher Gen 7 

The review

Time has swiftly flown by. It was midnight of the 21st Of September when I landed in Hanoi to start this journey with TTW. Two months have passed and I said goodbye to my students as we ended our 20 sessions with TTW.

My stay in Hanoi had been a very challenging yet a heart warming journey. And it wouldn’t have been possible without the Touch The World Programme. I had never been to Hanoi and had never thought of the possibilities of volunteering here until I found TTW.

A year ago, I decided to take a sabbatical for a couple of months in 2016 to re-ignite my passion in doing voluntary works. For the past seven years of working in a fast paced country, I had been preoccupied with paydays, paying bills, go shopping and going on holidays. At the end of the day, I wasn’t really happy. I reached a point where I could not find any sense of fulfilment in what i was doing.

In one of the lessons on Debate, my B75 raised an argument on ‘pursuing your passion or working for money’ and one of the students commented, “(Happiness) lt depends. When I was driving tonight and felt the wind on my face, I was happy. You can be happy anywhere but it depends on you.” Yes, happiness is indeed relative and it is a state of mind; you can be happy with littlest and simplest things or the grandest things in life depending on your current state of mind. However, the happiness that I felt travelling and volunteering in a developing city like Hanoi is pure and heart-warming. I guess at some point in our lives we have to take a break and find where our soul will flourish.

The students at TTW brought me so much joy. It is a wonderful experience to be able to impart knowledge and experiences. As we parted on the last day, the students thanked me for teaching them but little did they know that I’m more thankful to them for the experience and for the laughter. They brought me back to when I was still in the university and made me realise how I have actualised my goals and dreams. All the dialogues that took place between me and all my students were all meaningful.

The TTW family, from Meo (my roomie), Ms Vic and all the buddies are very friendly and accommodating. My buddies always made sure that I have everything I need. Thanks TTW for that wonderful experience and for the opportunity to fulfil one of my goals in life.




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