The will to live center

The will to live center

[one_half] The Will to Live Center, a Social Enterprise, operates in the field of supporting and assisting the handicapped’s integration completely through training, orienting and consulting in order to help disabled people find suitable jobs and sources to consume their products. By doing this, the handicapped will buid up their confidence, find it easy to integrate into community and lessen social and familial burdens. [/one_half] [one_half_last] nghi luc song [/one_half_last]

Playing a bridging role, the Will to Live center helps people with disability get through 5 steps namely: orientation – reception – integrative care – intensive training – job provision support. The center provides:

– Computing technology training courses: Microsoft office, applied information technology, graphic design, website design, website management, PC installment and maintainance and network administration.
– Supplementary training courses: communicative English, independent living skill, soft skill and corporate working skill.

In order to help the learners to get familiar with and continue improving their working skills after graduation as well as to guarantee the financial stability of the center, the Will to Live limited company has been established to provide services including:

– Website design
– Graphic design
– Counselling and supplying computers and related components
– Online adverstisement
– Gift printing (shirt, glass, plate, brick, etc.)
E-commerce (product sales promotion for the center of PWDs)
– Airplane ticket services

– Organizing and calling for charitable activities
– Creating a playground for networking and communinity connections
– Participating in other social activities.

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