Thomas from UK


Name: Thomas

Nationality: UK

Date: 2016

Program: Teacher Gen 5 

The review

“I applied to teach at touch the world hoping to gain an insight into a foreign culture and teaching experience for future endeavors in  supporting environment; and whilst it was not perfect, (what in life is?) it was thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience.


From the moment I set foot in Hanoi, I was paired with a buddy- a local whose job it was to assist me in any way necessary, whether it be help in overcoming culture shock or recommending local attractions. As someone who had never previously been in Asia before, this was very helpful, and let me quickly adjust.


As for the actual teaching, it is mostly university age students (early 20s). And this was the highlight for me, the students are incredibly eager to learn, soaking up as much knowledge as possible and are a delight to teach. They are also incredibly welcoming, eager to take you out to eat, to see the local sights, or in my case even take me to BaVi national park, several hours away.

The relationships forged with the students made teaching incredibly fun and rewarding, and I would honestly have loved to teach them for longer.


Whilst it is important to remember that Vietnam is not the richest country I found the accommodation to be perfectly adequate, whilst it is far from a luxury hotel I honestly enjoyed staying there, with my fellow (mostly western) volunteers, and one Vietnamese helper.


Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my time at TTW, and would relish the chance to return.”



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