Zsuzsanna from Hungary



Nationality: Hungary

Date: 2017

Program: Teacher Gen 8 


The review of our amazing teacher

My name is Zsuzsanna. I am from Hungary, however currently I live in Vienna. I am doing master studies in Finance.

Initially the goal was to do charity work in Asia. After several hours of questing for an opportunity, Vietnam seemed as an extremely promising country. Since the country is long enough to have different climate at HoChiMinh City and in Hanoi, I was sure it must be a good choice. Teaching English, and through that opening up infinite number of opportunities for potential talents is unquestionably worth it.



Teaching is a great thing. It is amazing to provide knowledge to anyone, since it is invaluable and can not be taken away in any situation. As I experienced the students are keen on learning, and they try hard to provide their best even late at night after work or after school. I had four groups to teach, each had 2-3 classes per week. Each class lasts 1,5 hrs. The amazing students are aged between 18 – 30. Most of them are enrolled in the university, some are already working. In one class on average there are 20-23 students. As you may assume from the parameters mentioned above, if you have never taught before you have to prepare for the classes. It takes time and effort to familiarize yourself with the material and to make up a lesson plan with which you feel comfortable teaching. I tried to include a lot of games, group work and fun activities. In the end of the day, if you put your best effort into it, what you get back from the students in terms of development or feedback is the kind of experience you want to take home with yourself.



When I arrived a TTW member picked me up from the airport, which was really helpful. I had my first class on the same day as I arrived, but thankfully it ended up really well. I got help from my tutor, who was there during all classes, trying to help and get along with the language barrier. I consider myself extremely lucky, since in the apartment I got to know two amazing German people. Together we had a lot of fun preparing for the classes, talking and even traveling together. Beside the others participating in the project, TTW has a buddy system, which means you always has someone to talk to or to help you whatever you need and whatever question you have. They are eager to get to know you, to guide you through Hanoi and to give you an insight about the Vietnamese system and way of thinking.


Vietnam has so much to offer. Hanoi is an amazing city, it is hard to summarize it in few sentences. Take care of driving, even though you are experienced with motorbikes, the traffic is extremely chaotic and it takes a while until you get how the system works. Good news, after you get used to it you would totally feel like a local driving a bike during rush hour. The food is super tasty, I am amazed by how good the streetfood is. People are friendly; however, you have to be aware not to be overcharged as a foreign.


Since there are cultural differences, and nothing can be taken for granted, communication is a key element. The information shared must be valid all times, so the expectations can adjust accordingly. Touch The World is an amazing idea, wort to share and to participate in.


Thank you for the amazing experience.

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